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Biking Chamonix​

Run by riders for riders, the relaxed chalet atmosphere is a central element to your week's stay, along with a wealth of good times both on and off the trails. We aim to show you all that the valley has to offer and maximise the potential of your holiday, however long or short your stay.



Born from a longstanding love of mountain biking among several members of the Freshtraxxx crew, DirtTraxxx is the summer mountain biking division of Freshtraxxx, running mountain bike holidays from Chamonix from the same chalet.​

As each rider will have his or her own level of ability, riding style and preferred terrain we aim to customise the week's riding itinerary to suit, a very much bespoke approach. A solid week of alpine riding will do your confidence, ability and not to mention health, no end of good. Not to mention the fact that we will be doing our best to make sure you have an unforgettable trip.

Why Mountain Biking?


  • Perfect mix of cardio excerise and andrenalin sport
  • Quick to learn - most people can already ride a bike
  • Perfect way to explore the mountains in Summer
  • Chamonix offers everything to gentle trails through the woods to some of the steepest downhill in the world
Pourquoi faire du VTT ? 
  • Mélange parfait d'exercice cardio et de sport à l'andrénaline

  • Rapide à apprendre - la plupart des gens savent déjà faire du vélo

  • Moyen idéal pour explorer les montagnes en été

  • Chamonix offre tout, des sentiers doux à travers les bois jusqu'à certaines des descentes les plus raides du monde

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