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​Just 20 minutes away there are some serious wave sailing spots, points and beach breaks, for anyone up for it. Also the islands out front are awesome for touring, if that’s your thing. Having spent lots of time here, Turkey, Greece, France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco, we have consistently scored the best winds in Porto Pollo, Sardinia. The stats are some of the best in Europe.

For windsurfing we work with Sporting Club Sardinia who run the coolest, most professional school, right on the beach in Porto Pollo, catering to all needs. With board and sail racks full of brand new Starboard, Severn Sails, J.P and Naish kit for you to use. Everything is rigged so you can size up or down as often as you want depending on the winds.

For those of you with your own kit they have plenty of space to store your stuff at the school, right on the beach. The facilities are second to none and the crew there make your stay welcome with loads of good times, running right into the night at Rupi’s, the schools beach bar. Check out for rentals, winsurfing lessons, prices and more info.

Pourquoi la planche à voile ? 
  • L'un des sports nautiques les plus anciens

  • Rapide à apprendre - en mouvement dans la première leçon

  • Facilement évolutif pour différentes tailles, ne nécessite pas de bras solides​

  • De nouvelles grandes planches ultra stables rendent la progression plus rapide que jamais

  • Entraînement du corps entier, excellent exercice

  • Peut être pratiqué dans n'importe quelle force de vent

This is the sport that brought us to Sardinia and Porto Pollo goes off !!!!! With 2 big, crescent shaped bays back to back, it is ideal for all levels. The windward side open to large chop and heavy winds and the leeward, protected with flat water perfect for freestyle.

Porto Pollo in Sardinia is an unbelievable place for windsurfing, ideal for all levels. The legendary 10 times world champion Robbie Nash visited in the 80's and famously declared it "the perfect natural gym".  2 large bays provide butter smooth water on one side and a huge 2km moon shape bay, ideal for learning, freeriding and freestyle, on the other.


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